Why does your business need FiduciaryShield?

FiduciaryShield helps businesses manage their retirement plan with confidence and ease by providing a fully customized and administered Plan Fiduciary Process for you, in writing.

Not only does FiduciaryShield reduce your workload, we mitigate your fiduciary responsibility by becoming a 3(21)(a)iii fiduciary to your retirement plan, sharing directly in important legal responsibilities under ERISA.

Changes to fiduciary responsibilities since 2012 have created daunting tasks for plan sponsors like yourself. Supreme Court decisions, new Department of Labor (DOL) disclosures, & civil lawsuits have gravely changed the 401(k) landscape.

Now more than ever, the time-consuming process of overseeing the company retirement plan is getting in the way of growing your business.  You need assurance that your 401(k) plan is on track, but you have a busy schedule.  Our experts monitor your plan and work directly with you to handle important responsibilities, including: replacing poorly rated investments, maintaining the plan’s fidelity bond, and providing important disclosures to be distributed to participants, to name a few…  By helping navigate the complex maze of rules, regulations, and disclosures, we simplify the process of offering employee benefits.

With FiduciaryShield on your side, your employees stay informed of the benefits plan you offer, including regularly scheduled enrollment and participant education meetings.  Our clients receive an annual Plan Review automatically, where we evaluate your retirement plan from top-to-bottom, providing you with documentation and identifying proactive steps we can implement together to keep you compliant.  Your plans most important information is organized and available to you 24/7 in your own online, secure FiduciaryShield File.  And when other firms send you to a call center with a random operator, your personal specialist on our team is empowered to assist you and dedicated to your plan.

Reduce Fees, Reduce Work, & Reduce Risk – these are the hallmarks of a FiduciaryShield. Experience the difference for yourself.

Stop wasting money on high fees.

Our solutions cut 401(k) plan fees by up to 60%!